The following terms are adapted from those used by Voxx-Vindictae on tumblr.

All work in this blog unless otherwise specified is the intellectual property of Mantacid, referred to herein by first person pronouns, Since Mantacid is the one adapting these terms.

Any rights not explicitly granted in this document have not been granted to the entity who wishes to use my content. If you are unsure about wether your intended use of my work is in violation of this policy, you are encouraged to contact me through any of the channels that have been linked to.

I’m usually willing to share this content with the world, no strings attached. However, there are a few exceptions, details below.

1. Corporations & Commercial Use:

A “Corporate entity” is loosely defined in this document to mean an organization that is governed by any form of “corporate laws”. However, I reserve the right to consider other criteria in my assessment, because I have a right to my own intellectual property.

If the corporate entity that wishes to use, reproduce or distribute my work is a large company (see point 5), and wishes to use my intellectual property for any purpose, you are required to contact me before doing so. failure to comply will result in a cease and desist.

I reiterate: no corporate entity is permitted to use any of the content on this blog that I have written, illustrated, compiled, remixed, or in any other way contributed to. The aforementioned hypothetical entities are not to use content found on this blog to promote a brand, advertise a product/service/work, be monetized in any way, or for any other purpose. Failure to abide by these terms WILL result in a cease and desist.

2. Non-commercial use by unaffiliated individuals:

People that aren’t actively representing any organization are free to use my work, provided they do not attempt to commercialize the work in any form of market. This includes but is not limited to: selling prints of the work in any medium, selling the work online, and selling my work as a tokenized asset for cryptocurrencies. If any of my intellectual property is found on any market, physical or digital, without my written consent, the offending individual or organization will promptly recieve a cease and desist.

3. Use in Training data

My work is not to be used to train any form of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, or similar system without first obtaining my express, written consent prior to the aquisition of the work.

Failure to comply with the above will result in a DMCA takedown at the least.

4. Use in articles and media:

If my work is to be used in an article, paper, or report, the author(s) of the work are required to properly provide attribution.

Any written works containing my content from this site should not be put behind a paywall. in addition to being a scummy practice, it also falls under “commercial use” as outlined in section 1.

5. A few more things I need to say:

I, Mantacid, reserve the right to alter, modify, add to, or otherwise change the rules put forth in this document. I won’t use this to screw anyone over legally, just to protect my intellectual property rights.

I also reserve the right to decide who qualifies as a large company, as that tends to be a tricky thing to define. A general rule of thumb for corporate entities to gauge wether you are likely to get my approval is as follows: would I be your friend if you treated me like you treat your workers or customers? The answer to that question is likely going to be the same as the answer to your inquiry. However, you are still required to contact me to make sure, regardless of what you think the answer may be.

Any works that I choose to license differently will have the relevant information visible on the same page, and will clearly define what aspects of the work can be used in what ways.